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Newsletter 13

Fall 2013


Highlighted Topics

  • New CTS project collecting blood samples that will be studied to identify "biomarkers," which are genetic markers that may help identify cancer at its early stage.

  • Novel research to address cognition problems associated with breast cancer treatment - often called 'Chemo Brain.'

Newsletter 11

Spring 2011

Highlighted Topics

  • New funding awarded to the CTS.

  • Personal story of a California Teachers Study participant.

  • Recent breast cancer rate drop in California Teachers Study linked to decreased use of menopausal hormone therapy.

Newsletter 9

Fall 2006

Highlighted Topics

  • Introductions to the researchers who make our study possible.

  • An analysis of alcohol consumption and its effects on cancer.

  • Remembering Dr. Ronald K. Ross, a teachers study co-founder.

Newsletter 7

Winter 2004

Highlighted Topics

  • A new study will collect DNA samples to further explore gene interactions and their effect on breast cancer.

  • Call for participant input on the California Teachers Study website.

  • An overview of our work progress in 2004.

Newsletter 5

Spring 2001

Highlighted Topics

  • New data on the incidence of breast, cervical, uterus, and ovarian cancer among California Teachers Study participants.

  • Personal experiences of CTS participants diagnosed with cancer.

Newsletter 3

Winter 1998

Highlighted Topics

  • Common questions and answers about the California Teachers Study.

  • New study to examine the relationship between physical exercise and breast cancer.

  • Data from CTS participants about physical activity through the years.

Newsletter 12

Spring 2012

Highlighted Topics

  • New ways to access over 80 of our peer-reviewed publications on the web.

  • Nine major areas of research the CTS published in the past year. 

  • Links to our partner institutions.

Newsletter 10

Winter 2008

Highlighted Topics

  • More evidence on the relationship between exercise and cancer risk.

  • The role of nature vs. nurture in examining the causes of cancer.

  • Prestigious acknowledgements awarded to the study leader of the Teachers Study, Dr Leslie Bernstein.

Newsletter 8

Fall 2005

Highlighted Topics

  • Invitation to complete the next CTS survey.

  • New study on the relationship between pestiside exposures and breast cancer risk.

  • Research on active smoking, household second hand smoke, and breast cancer.

Newsletter 6

Fall 2002

Highlighted Topics

  • New findings on diet and breast cancer risk.

  • Cancer incidence in California women compared to women participating in the California Teachers Study.

  • California Teachers Study in the news.

Newsletter 4

Spring 2000

Highlighted Topics

  • New CTS survey will cover new research areas.

  • Incidence of breast cancer among CTS participants and their relatives.

  • Remembering Suzette Marie Wright, a member of the CTS Advisory Task Force.

Newsletter 2

Fall 1997

Highlighted Topics

  • Recent research activities.

  • Findings from the first CTS survey on participant diet and behaviors.

  • Introductions to the California Teachers Study External Advisory Committee.

Newsletter 1

Fall 1996


Highlighted Topics

  • Introduction to the California Teachers Study and our participants.

  • Meet the California Teachers Study researchers.

  • Risks for breast cancer and the importance of mammography.

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