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About the CTS

Learn about the the purpose and origins of the California Teachers Study


Watch videos about on-going and past California Teachers Study projects


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Study Findings

Hear from California Teachers Study researchers about our study findings


About the CTS

Meet the California Teachers Study

This short video gives an overview of the California Teachers Study's purpose and research findings.

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Biospecimens for Future Research

In this short video, Dr. Jim Lacey and the California Teachers Study team discuss our approach to biobanking and study management.

Using Cloud Computing for Epidemiology

In this webinar, Dr. Jim Lacey discusses how the California Teachers Study has leveraged cloud computing to help collect, store, and use study data for a biobanking project.

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Questionnaire 6 (Q6)

Watch our introductory Questionnaire 6 (Q6) video to learn why we are offering this 6th questionnaire online and to hear tips and tricks for completing it!

Q6: "Other (Please Specify)" Answers

Quite a few questions on the questionnaire will give you the option of selecting "Other (please specify):" as your answer. If there is a text box next to the "Other (please specify):" choice. You should enter your answer there.

The questionnaire won't let you proceed if you leave the text box blank but still select "Other (please specify)."

Q6: Entering Your Age

​If an error message appears after you have entered an age, the first step is to double check the age you entered. 


Generally, the questionnaire will only accept an age between 0 and 100. If you accidentally type “200” as your age instead of “20” the questionnaire will let you know.

The questionnaire will let you continue once you enter an age in the acceptable age range.

Q6: Entering Your Email Address

​The questionnaire will only accept valid email address. If an error message pops up after you enter your email address, you may have entered your email address incorrectly.

Please check the email address you entered for typos. Common typos include typing a "." instead of the "@" sign or mistyping the end of email address, such as .co instead of .com or .nett instead of .net.

Please check to see if you forgot the "@" symbol and make sure that the end of your email is correct.

Q6: Entering Your Phone Number

An error message will appear if you enter a phone number that is not a valid US phone number. If this happens, double check the phone number you entered and type it in correctly.

If you live out of the country and do not have a US phone number, please call as at 1-800-568-9471 or email us to provide your phone number and country of residence.

Q6: Entering a Year

If an error message appears after you enter a year, make sure you didn't make a typo. For instance, if you accidentally type "200" instead of "2000" as a year, the questionnaire will let you know. Just enter the correct year and the questionnaire will allow you to proceed to the next question.

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Study Findings

Physical Activity and Cancer Risk

Dr. Bernstein, a CTS researcher and founding member of the study, discusses the links between hormone exposures, obesity, physical activity, and cancer.

Plant-based Diet and Risk of Stroke

California Teachers Study collaborator Dr. Ayesha Sherzai used California Teachers Study data to examine the relationship between plant-based diets and stroke risk.

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