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These are the questionnaires the California Teachers Study has sent to study participants since 1995. These are provided for informational use only. Please don’t copy, distribute, or otherwise use these forms without express permission from the California Teachers Study. 
If you are a CTS member, please only complete surveys you receive directly from the California Teachers Study.

Questionnaire 6

2017 - 2019

The sixth questionnaire collected updates on participants' health history,  sleep habits, hormone use, physical activity, medications, and family history of cancer. It also included additional questions to support new areas of research, including genetic testing, water use, financial stress, medicinal cannabis use, and sexual orientation and gender identity.  

To learn more about Questionnaire 6 and explore findings from the questionnaire, click on the button below.

Questionnaire 1

1995 - 1996

The first CTS questionnaire focused on potential breast cancer risk factors including a comprehensive assessment of diet, alcohol use, use of hormone therapy and oral contraceptives, physical activity, menstrual and reproductive factors, family history of cancer and other diseases, exposure to electromagnetic fields, and smoking. 133,477 women responded to this questionnaire.

Questionnaire 2

1997 - 1998

The second CTS questionnaire focused on exposure to secondhand smoke, updated and expanded pregnancy history, ascertained exposures to x-rays and medical radiation, collected usual diet information for a select group of new foods and beverages, and included detailed instructions for taking self-measurements of waist and hip circumferences.

Questionnaire 3

2000 - 2002

The third CTS questionnaire collected detailed data on perceived stress, social support and cognition, and updated data on menopausal status, overall health, and use of oral contraceptives, menopausal hormone therapy, and other prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Questionnaire 4

2005 - 2006

The fourth CTS questionnaire collected detailed data on residential history, over-the-counter and prescription medications, menopausal status, use of menopausal hormone therapy, overall health status, physical activity, current weight and adult weight history, family history of cancer, usual diet in the preceding year, use of vitamin supplements, smoking during pregnancy, and insurance status.

Questionnaire 5

2012 - 2015

Our fifth questionnaire collected a comprehensive update of participants' health history, especially factors that may be related to breast cancer. The questionnaire collected data on sleep habits, oral contraceptive and hormone use, physical activities, vitamin supplements, hormone patches/creams, personal care practices, diabetes and the use of various kinds of medications.

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