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The California Teachers Study is made up of female teachers and administrators who were all active members of the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) in 1995. Today, many of our participants are still employed as California teachers while others have moved on to other professions or are retired.

Participants live throughout California and represent various socioeconomic backgrounds.

At study enrollment, CTS participants:

  • ranged in age from 22 to 104 with a median age of 53

  • were less likely to have biological children compared with other women in California at the time

  • were more likely to have had their first child at a later age on average than other women in California at the time

  • represented various racial and ethnic groups: 87% were white, 2.7% were African American, 4% were Hispanic, 3.4% were Asian/Pacific Islander, 1.0% were Native American, and 2.1% identified as other, mixed, or did not specify their race/ethnicity.

Use our interactive graphs to learn more about the CTS!

This graph shows the age distribution of CTS participants who completed each questionnaire (Questionnaires 1 - 6).

Click the arrows below to see how our questionnaire respondents have aged with each subsequent questionnaire.

The graph below displays the most common causes of death among CTS participants. You can click on a color within the graph to see the % of deaths in the CTS due to that specific cause in a given year. For example, if you click on the orange section for the year 2005, you will see the following: ​

This pop up tells us that 23.93% of the participants who died in 2005 passed away from cancer.

Click on the tab called "Deaths by Year" to see the number of study participants who have passed away each year. 

The graph below displays the types of cancers participants have been diagnosed with each year. You can click on a particular color within the graph to view the numbers for the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the California Teachers Study. Rare cancers are grouped together into the "All Other Cancer Types" category.

Click on the tab titled "Breast Cancer" for more information on the number of breast cancer cases in the California Teachers Study.

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