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Viz of the Month: August 2023

California Teachers Study Follow-up and Response Outcomes

About this viz: This Sankey chart shows the flow of study follow-up in the California Teachers Study. The width of each line represents the number of study participants who followed that path. The bars represent events and endpoints: Questionnaires 1 - 6 (Qs 1-6), death, non-response, and an outcome of still living.

In this viz the light green represents participants who moved linearly from one questionnaire to the next, i.e. from Q1 to Q2. The small dark green lines represent participants who skipped questionnaires, i.e. participants who moved from the first questionnaire straight to the third or from Q2 straight to Q4. The gray lines represent participants that completed a questionnaire and then died. The purple lines represent participants who no longer completed any follow-up questionnaires; for example, if a participant completed Q3 but not Q4, Q5 or Q6, they moved from Q3 to non-response.


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