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Cancer Tissue Biomarker Study

Study Overview

This project was designed to understand the biological changes that occur in cancer tissue. Tissue samples permit researchers to look for changes in the DNA or protein that might have occurred in cancer – we call these changes biomarkers. Identifying biomarkers helps us understand why cancers develop and why they progress. New technologies now permit us to carefully examine the cancer tissue for biomarkers and other key changes that occur. 

How to Participate

Recruitment for this study is now closed.

Scientific Significance
This tissue sample, combined with the accompanying medical record/pathology report and other information you have provided as part of the CTS, will help us build a unique and meaningful resource for cancer research.  

To learn more about how tissue is used in cancer research, please visit our blog by clicking here.


Project Leadership

Biomedical Research Center, Cubicle 2016.04

1218 S. Fifth Ave.

Monrovia, California 91016


(800) 568-9471


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