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Meet the Staff: The Data People

Meet the individuals who manage all of our study data! Our data team manage everything from new questionnaire data to the analyses that help our researchers identify risk factors for cancer. They each bring a unique set of expertise to the California Teachers Study team.

Meet Nadia!

What I do on the CTS: While my title started as biostatistician, I have also adopted the role of data manager and analyst throughout the study.

One of my main roles has been to maximize the reach and value of the data our study participants have provided by working with the scientists, researchers, and collaborating institutes working on the California Teachers Study. I help ensure they understand and are able to draw significant conclusions from the California Teachers Study data which gets published in scientific journals worldwide.

When I Joined: Five days after I graduated from my Master’s program in Epidemiology and Biostatistics in 2015, I began working on the California Teachers Study.

A fun fact about me: In my free time I love to explore the outdoors, from camping to hiking along the coast to metal detecting at the beach.

Meet Susan!

What I do on the CTS: My primary research interest is focused on understanding the role of environmental factors in the development of breast cancer. More recently, I also have developed an interest in health effects associated with sleep and circadian disruption. I help to write the questions about these kind of things for the questionnaires. I then get the opportunity to do the statistical analysis of the data you—our study participants— provide.

I also work on analyses to explore if pollution levels in your neighborhood are associated with disease and work with chemists to explore whether markers of environmental contaminants measured in blood provided by CTS participants are related to breast cancer risk.

When I joined: I joined in January 1996 – about the same time most of you joined!

A fun fact about me: When I was in college I thought I wanted to be a teacher and so I did an internship at a local middle school. I quickly discovered how hard it is (and that I was terrible at it!). I truly admire the hard work and talent needed to be a great teacher.

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