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Meet Kimi, the California Teachers Study's summer intern

We're thrilled to introduce you to Kimi, the California Teachers Study's Summer 2017 intern. We chatted with Kimi about her experiences working with the California Teachers Study, what she learned, and what she thinks participants can be excited about!

What did you do as a summer intern with the California Teachers Study?

As a summer intern I had a wonderful experience working with the California Teachers Study. During my first two weeks, I learned how large databases are established and how data is integrated into the database. I also began to use Salesforce, a platform that the California Teachers Study team uses to manage its data.

During my next few weeks, I worked on creating an introductory video for the upcoming questionnaire six, which, for the first time, will be a web-based questionnaire. In this video I explain how to access questionnaire six, complete the questions, and resolve any errors that may occur. From creating baking soda and vinegar volcanoes with my friends in third grade to making presentations in my biology class, I have always loved creative projects that blend science and art, so creating this video was both an illuminating and enjoyable experience for me.

What did you find most interesting about the California Teachers Study?

I was most interested by the extensive duration of this large project. It fascinates me that even after two decades researchers continue to find new answers to current questions using the data acquired in the Teachers Study.

What did you like best about working on the study?

I most enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with many parts of the study, rather than just one. It really opened my eyes to the complexity of clinical research.

What new things did you learn?

I learned about how data is collected through questionnaires, stored in databases, and analyzed with the help of computer programs and software.

Now that you've gotten an inside look at our upcoming questionnaire, what do you think is the most exciting part about the questionnaire?

It interests me that having an online questionnaire allows for more refinement of the survey for each participant. Previously with a paper questionnaire, the participant had to navigate through every section, even if it did not pertain to them. An online questionnaire has the ability to eliminate irrelevant questions by using software.

What's next for you after interning with the study?

At school I have created an organization with a few of my friends where we collect books from our communities and donate them to local charities. I want to use my new skills to expand the web presence of our organization, by both using a database and creating an online video.

You can watch Kimi's video about Q6 below. You can find her other Q6 help videos on our Q6 webpage.

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