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Welcome to the California Teachers Study blog!


Dear California Teachers Study Participants,

For over 20 years, each of you has given a tremendous amount to this study. You've given your time by filling out study questionnaires, your energy by participating in study projects, and your dedication by being a part of this since the very beginning.

Together, the 133,479 of you have:

  • Completed 477,653 study questionnaires

  • Provided more than 160,000,000 pieces of data

  • Made the publication of over 175 scientific articles possible

  • And helped California Teachers Study researchers make vital health discoveries like the link between physical activity and risk of breast cancer.

With this new year, we wanted to add something new. We wanted to create a blog that was handmade, just for you.

Have you ever had specific questions about the study that have never been answered? Are you curious about the findings from this study? Do you want to know more about the people on our research team?

This is where all those questions - and any others you may have - can be asked and answered. It is our hope that this will grow into a forum where you, our dedicated participants, can find the information and resources that are most valuable to you.

If you have an idea for a blog post or a burning question you would like answered by our research team, please visit our Contact Us page to send us a message. If you ask, we'll answer.

With best wishes and our continuing gratitude,

The California Teachers Study Research Team

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