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Study Overview

Using survey data from participants, the California Teachers Study has made important discoveries linking cancer risk to lifestyle factors – including physical activity, alcohol consumption and using hormone replacement therapy. Now, an effort funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and spearheaded at City of Hope will take this study one level beyond surveys and health records.


The New Biospecimens Project will collect blood and saliva from thousands of its participants, with the goal of one day using those biological samples to identify biomarkers tied to cancer risk. These biomarkers can include hormones, immunity and inflammation markers, proteins and circulating tumor cells. This can hopefully lead to earlier detection, better treatments and perhaps even the prevention of certain cancers.

How to Participate

Recruitment for this project is now closed.

Scientific Significance
In addition to identifying new biomarkers, California Teachers Study researchers can combine data from these samples with existing surveys and medical records to improve risk-prediction models, enhance early detection guidelines and find better ways to prevent cancer among women. 


“The California Teachers Study is a classic example of power in numbers,” said Dr. James V. Lacey, Jr., Principal Investigator of this project. “We know some biomarkers or genetic differences linked to cancers are rare; the only way to find them is to have a big study population to draw from.”



James V. Lacey Jr., Ph.D. talks about the significance of the California Teachers Study and the Biospecimens for the Future Project.

Project Leadership

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