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Study Overview

We are starting a new project within the CTS that will expand our research to understand proteins found in the blood. One such protein has been linked to a condition called MGUS (Monoclonal Gammopathy of Unknown Significance).

MGUS does not cause symptoms and it is quite common in the general population. However, MGUS is of interest because it may be an indirect marker of one's health status. This study will help us understand the possible causes of and health outcomes resulting from MGUS.

How to Participate

Recruitment for this project is now closed.

Scientific Significance

Through your medical records, we can identify whether blood work included tests for this protein and, if so, whether MGUS was indicated in your medical records. By evaluating your medical records, we will be able to understand how other hospitals include this protein as part of their regular tests. We can then determine whether certain health conditions are identified in relation to MGUS.

These medical records, combined with the information you have provided by participating in the CTS, will help us build a unique and meaningful resource for women’s health research.  

Project Leadership

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