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Innovative infrastructure to enhance the California Teachers Study

This project will transform how the CTS collects, stores and shares data for research. The project will use secure cloud computing to give all CTS researchers on-demand access to the study data collected over the last 20 years. In addition, the CTS will begin to deliver web- and mobile-enabled study questionnaires to participants, which will improve data reliability and make questionnaires easier for participants to complete.

Where were you then? New insights into breast cancer and the environment (PQ2)

This project examined the risk of breast cancer associated with exposures to ambient air pollution, with special focus on where women have lived and work throughout their lives, including where they were at the time they had their first child. Using a 30-year time span, researchers studied the migration of CTS members within California and characterized the potential air pollution exposures associated with where these study participants lived and worked.

Parental age at birth and risk of adult-onset cancer in female offspring

Over the last several decades, Western countries have seen delays in the age at which people begin having children. Recent studies have shown that increased parental age at birth is associated with childhood and adolescent disorders, but the relationship between parental age and adult health disorders has not been widely examined. This project aimed to evaluate the effect of paternal and maternal age on the risk of common adult-onset cancers.

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