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Dr. Anton-Culver's research focuses on cancer epidemiology with special emphasis on etiology, molecular genetic characterization, evaluation of genetic-phenotype correlation, and genotype-environment interaction using large populations of cancer patients, their relatives, and unaffected controls.

Hoda Anton-Culver

Dr. Leslie Bernstein served as Principal Investigator of the California Teachers Study for years and has been instrumental in its success. Her groundbreaking research study identified the link between physical activity and the reduced risk of breast cancer. She remains involved in projects to explore the links between hormone exposures, physical activity, obesity and cancer.

Leslie Bernstein

Dr. Tina Clarke is a cancer epidemiologist with research interests in the epidemiologies of breast cancer, melanoma, and lymphoid malignancies, especially their immunologic and viral causes.

Tina Clark

Dr. Dennis Deapen's research interests include the epidemiology and etiology of cancer and developing methods of assessing occupational and socioeconomic determinants of cancer. He serves as liaison with the California Cancer Registry.

Dennis Deapen

Dr. Pamela Horn-Ross' primary area of interest is in the protective role that nutrition (particularly phytochemicals, e.g., the phytoestrogens found in soy foods and isothiocyanates found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables) can play in the development of cancers of the breast, endometrium (lining of the uterus), and thyroid.

Pamela Horn-Ross

Susan has worked on the California Teachers Study since 1996. Her research is focused on understanding the role of environmental factors in the development of breast cancer and the health effects associated with sleep and circadian disruption.

Susan Hurley

Dr. Eunjung Lee's primary research interests are in understanding the interplay of environmental factors interacting with molecular, genetic and epigenetic factors to influence chronic disease risk such as cancer.

Eunjung Lee

Dr. Yani Lu received her PhD at the University of Southern California. Her research interests include breast cancer, blood cancers, and other types of cancer, with a focus on etiology and survival. 

Yani Lu

Dr. Dave Nelson brings an extensive background in statistics, mathematics, computer science, and software engineering, especially as they relate to applying modern statistical techniques to complex problems involving the interplay of genomic data, measurement processes, and epidemiology.

Dave Nelson

Dr. Susan Neuhausen's research is primarily focused on identifying genes and environmental stressors that predispose to disease and that cause disease progression. Her current studies focus on breast, ovarian and prostate cancers and celiac disease.

Susan Neuhausen

Dr. Sunita Patel's research interests include risk and protective factors of neurocognitive and quality of life outcomes in cancer patients and the validation of psychosocial and neurocognitive screening tools.

Sunita Patel

Dr. David Peel is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the University of Irvine School of Medicine. His research interests include cancer epidemiology and the genetics of cancer predisposition analysis on human cancer specimens. 

David Peel

Dr. Peggy Reynolds has conducted a number of cancer epidemiology studies, with a particular focus on environmental risk factors. Her research is currently focused on female breast cancer and on cancers in children.

Peggy Reynolds

The late Dr. Ronald K. Ross was among a small group of scientists who developed the plans for the California Teachers Study in 1995 and was a significant contributor in the early years of the cohort. Dr. Ross was an internationally known leader in research on hormones and cancer, particularly in relation to female breast cancer. He authored more than 250 publications, including 13 based on the Teachers Study. 

Ronald Ross

Dr. Fred Schumacher's research focuses on discovering the genetic determinants of cancer, with a special focus on prostate cancer. His research also focuses on examining the role of obesity in the progression of cancer.

Fred Schumacher

Dr. Giske Ursin is a Professor Emeritus of Preventive Medicine in the Division of Epidemiology at the Keck School of Medicine. Her expertise is in the epidemiology of breast cancer, in particular the role of hormonal factors, as well as the epidemiology of other female reproductive cancers. She is currently Director of the Cancer Registry of Norway. She is also Professor at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway. 

Giske Ursin

Dr. Dee West was an Emeritus Research Scientist at CPIC and an Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. West served as the Executive Director of CPIC from 1993 to 2004. His research has focused on the causes, prevention, and genetics of breast and other cancers.

Dee We

Dr. Bill Wright served as Chief of the Cancer Surveillance Section (CSS) of the California Department of Health Services and principal investigator of the California Teachers Study. He authored or co-authored findings on cancer in more than 40 publications.  Additional cancer research projects under his management included collaborations with the National Cancer Prevention and Control Program (CDC), Cancer Surveillance Research with Data Enhancement and Utilization (CDC), and Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Program (NCI).

Bill Wright

Dr. Argyrios Ziogas' research focuses on statistical models for analysis in genetic (family based) data; development of statistical methods that deal with ascertainment bias; and the examination of gene-environment and gene-gene interactions that may be involved in the etiology of breast, colorectal, or prostate cancer.

Argyrios Ziogas

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